Base mechanism storage rack

Quick question, I’m going to make a rack for storing the base mechanism so that they remain in the correct order when removed from the accordion. I have seen a simple design on Accordion Revival page which I might copy. The only thing that’s missing is what diameter would you make the holes in order for the rack  be used on all makes of accordion and what height is it.
I had also thought about making one by using 120 pieces of plastic tube or oval conduit cut to what ever length they need to be and held together within a timber frame to resemble the bass layout. 

This is the link to the conduit I was thinking of using.
I use a old bass button deck and made a 2" spacer on either end to hold it away from the piece of wood I placed underneath, I then used the upper holes as guides to drill 1/4 into the bass. While typing this I think it would be easier to drill before putting in the spacers by clamping the two pieces together and drilling.

This works really well in the shop.
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