Accordion serial numbers question
Recently I purchased a used Gus Zoppi 120 bass accordion on Ebay.  Inside the carrying case was a certificate from the manufacturer dated 1953 that indicated the serial number of my accordion was “0/450”.  This same serial number 0/450 is also lightly stamped on the back of the accordion.   Is there any significance to the serial number zero?  Is this a special issue Gus Zoppi instrument?  I always thought that the serial numbers would start at “1” and go up incrementaly to the number of accordions produced/manufactured.  Any help anyone can be to my inquiry would be deeply appreciated.
Regards, Archie Black
i'd say the "0" indicates the first batch or first period of production of this model and the "450" is the incremental serial number of that batch

at least that's how it works with most things
Thanks Jozz … Why wouldn't the first one start with "1" …. 1/450?

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