Accordion recovered after burglary
Following a burglary, the following item has been recovered by the Police in the West London/Uxbridge area but may have come from elsewhere of course.  If you recognise this item as belonging to you, a family member or a friend who has been burgled, please contact the Police on 101 and ask to speak to D/S CAIRNS at West Area BCU Crime Squad.
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Hi Sandy,

I imagine that the owner has reported a burglary and submitted a list of stolen property. If that is the case, it is only a matter of time before owner and accordion are reunited.

It is such a pity that public flogging is no longer in vogue, as it would doubtless cause recidivists to think twice before entering the homes of decent citizens.

Kind Regards,

my Parrot was stolen as well (in the 90 's)

they must be highly sought after somewhere...
I hadn’t heard of any accordions being stolen before, but I did hear a story where some guy had left his accordion locked up on the back seat of his car in Brooklyn, and when he came back, his car had been broken into and there was his accordion with six more accordions on his back seat! Big Grin

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