Kinky Gloves (sticky left hand)
Just thought I'd mention this, it may help somebody.

I've had a few problems with my left hand sticking to the accordion body when learning jumps so I looked through the old messages.
I don't have any old socks I want to sacrifice and I've already replaced the bass strap (but that probably wouldn't help anyway).
Then I spotted these on Amazon for a massive £2.75:


"Fishnet Gloves, Long" and they do seem to work.
They probably don't make me any more elegant though.
Cool Depends on what color your nail polish is.....
Bugari “Blue 72”, Tiger Combo ‘Cordeon, Iorio Concert Accorgan G Series (electronics removed)
Rats, I knew I was doing something wrong:
Haven't got any nail polish yet ...
Fishnet gloves .....  Confused   
 I'm not sure how well they'll go with the matelot's outfit I wear when accompanying the old sea dogs !  
Seriously though, they do seem quite a practical idea (even though my old sports sock is fine) - thanks Glug ! 
They are available in a large variety of (single) colours: black, white, red, pink, blue, purple, turqoise, yellow, orange, green.
Can't see any in rhinestone though.
Oooh ... I can't wait !
After a comment someone made about prosthetics, a colour like red could look good, particularly if worn on both hands !!

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