Hohner mignonette miniature 8 bass accordion
Hi I am new on the forum .I have a Hohner mignon miniature 8 bass accordion in good condition has been in our loft for thirty years looking to sell it if anyone is interested regards Bill
Hello Billy and welcome to our forum.

Well, being that abrupt and with no pictures (lots of them for we love pictures) and not being posted in the "Accordions for Sale" section, I doubt you're going to get the responses you desire.
Cordially, Tony
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Thanks Tony just trying to get used to this site I am based in West sussex

Stating that your accordion has been stored in a loft for thirty years will have set off alarm bells for many/most of our members. Even when they are stored well, accordions are prone to developing irreversible problems.

The person you are looking for could well play in Folk Clubs, as the musical range of an 8 bass accordion restricts it to playing very simple tunes. He or She would need to be familiar with the insides of an accordion.

The $64,000 question ............ What's it worth? I know you won't like the answer to this question ....... very little !!! You would be lucky to get £30 for it, and only then if it appeared to be a simple repair.

Good Luck,

This video is called Oergeli Karusell Ruedi Wachter.
At 0'50'' he shows a tiny piano accordion with some bass buttons. It looks to be smaller than the Hohner Mignon.
Can anyone zoom in on the video and see what brand or name is written on that tiny piano accordion?

Perhaps you have all seen this video with Ruedi Wachter demonstrating a beautiful collection of accordions:


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