Accordion Bling on twitter
If you're looking for an amusing time-waster, I started an "AccordionBling" stream on the twitter site where I post pictures of sparkly accordions. It's a response to people telling us to "shop for an accordion with your eyes closed" (because it's the sound that's important). I'm giving in and just focusing on how cool they look.  Cool

I post a few every day:

Oh, a friend just posted these items from the New England Accordion Museum. Has anybody ever seen a right-hand like this? The left side (other picture) may be a Belgian bass with free-bass on top. But what are all those right hand buttons!?

[Image: D1aIFlWW0AE1Jik.jpg]

[Image: D1aIFlVWoAEC0tL.jpg]

Bruce Triggs
Accordion Noir Radio
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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