Intel RE Suoni and Paolo Soprani?
Anyone have intel on the current status of the Paolo Soprani label?  A while back it was under the SEM umbrella, but the most recent info I could find has PS, Scandalli, and perhaps Farfisa together under the Suoni umbrella.  Do we know if that's still the case?

Trying to ascertain if Paolo Soprani and current models such as the PS Professionale remain Castelfidardo/Italy-made, or whether the PS label is now like Moreschi and E. Soprani, i.e., Italian reeds but largely produced/assembled in Asia or outside of Italy.

The lack of transparency about this stuff RE so many quote-unquote "Made in Italy" or "Made in Castelfidardo" labels is dismaying.
Goodness, I see there is a mountain of information out there . . . Smile

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