Modifications made in old accordions
Hi everyone! i've been working a lot in modding accordions, trying to add new features to old boxes. I uploaded some demonstrative videos to show my works.

Hohner Student VM with 60 bass:

Weltmeister Stella starting in E1 deep bass:

Hohner Morino V BS with independent tremolo register (up to 22 registers now):

I'm sorry but i made the videos in spanish, as it is my main language. As soon as i get a better camera equipment, i will make some tutorials of accordion modding, with english subtitles.

Cheers to everyone!
I'm Sebastian and i Play on a Hohner Concerto III called Modesto.
Great jobs!
The Stella bass side still requires a bit of tuning...
The tremolo switch on the Morino finally seems to be working very well. I remember some earlier attempts...
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
Hi Sebastian,

Very good job! Respect! No everyone is technically skilled. As in the case of the music, there must exist talent for technical skills as well. You have both. Good luck!

Regards, Vladimir

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