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Was wondering if any body knows about excelsior accordions and might have any info about my model and what the ballpark price is included are some pictures to help thank you

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Excelsior accordions have a good reputation. It was the manufacturer of the Hohner Morino N and S series, very highly regarded accordions, and the ones they made under their own brand were just as good. It is part of Pigini nowadays.
An old accordion like this one only has economic value for the odd person who really wants it so it can fetch between close to nothing to a significant amount. This specific one has rocker switches for each voice, which is a bit of a difficult way to change registers and has fallen out of favor. It also has 140 basses (7 rows) which some people would love and others might hate. I would consider it a plus.
From looking at the outside the instrument appears in decent shape, but the real state of the accordion is not shown. For instance, the front of the bellows is shown but it is on the bottom and the back that the bellows wears out. And then there is the inside where the reeds could be good as new or totally rusted, and the leathers could be fine or could be warped in all directions. So again the instrument could be in fine condition or could be complete junk and these pictures do not make use any wiser regarding the condition.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
The Excelsior pictured is from the early 40`s and was a very good accordion (pro quality) of the era , made in NYC with good reeds in it. That said you can be assured the reed wax is very brittle and the leather valves are hardened and stiff. The pallet felts and leather surfaces on both sides are likely compressed from use and age. Then we have to consider if the treble rods are worn or will even turn and pull out because the key action is bound to be noisey and needing new felt stops. Add my comments to Paul DeBra`s and you get the picture. Age is the bain of ALL accordions used hard or hardly used.
Thank you for the feedback much appreciated
I agree with the comments here with one exception -- this one is mid to late 30's .
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