keyboards felt placement preference??
Just a quick question for anyone that has repaired and done work on the keyboard aspect of the accordion.  First, I have revalved pallets, and replaced the felt strip under the white keys, and the felt pieces under black keys on several accordions.  Usually I figure if I am going to remove all the keys and replace the felt on the pallets, I might as well replace the felt under the keys as well, so I do.  Usually under the white keys its a strip and under the black ones there are small pieces under the keys mounted to the wood where the key hits. I was thinking if the felt is connected to the black key itself or the wood under the keys, does it really makes a difference??   I ask because usually I've seen it glued to the wood "frame" or spot where the black key hits, same like the white keys.  When I was working on the accordion I am doing now, it was a small piece glued right to the black key itself, under it.  Seems to work equally as well, and the keyboard is very smooth and balanced.  I am not sure if either way really matters, and maybe I am over thinking this, but there must be some reasoning for each method?  Any ideas from anyone here?
my instinct tells me a piece glued straight onto the key will fall off easier, because it sees movement all the time
(12-02-2019, 08:23 AM)jozz Wrote: my instinct tells me a piece glued straight onto the key will fall off easier, because it sees movement all the time

My thoughts exactly!
Glue the felt where it won't be moving all the time, as it does not have a large surface for the glue to hold on to (unlike the long strip under the white keys).
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Ok! Thanks guys. This thought crossed my mind, and makes sense too. I think I am going to do this. I didn't want to change it without mentioning it here first, but seems to make more sense. Once I again I appreciate your input.
You did not mention the box you are working on. But you seem to understand the reasoning for padding under the black keys. In some cases the padding is in the bed ,and in some cases the padding is fastened to the under of the key body.
In both cases use the same padding on all keys and the glue can be Contact cement - Barge Cement (Shoe Cement) - or Fabri-Tac .
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Good point Jim!  This accordion is pretty cool, maybe unique?l too.  It's an Excelsior AC(I think) with only 2 reeds, both are in the chamber.  Sound is excellent, but the keyboard was noisey and not smooth at all.  I replaced all the felts under the pallets, as well as the felt strip and these little ones under the black keys, and it made for a smoother, faster, shallow keyboard.  Here are a few pix I took while doing it.  It turned out excellent and I really enjoy playing this accordion, since its so light, and the sound is awesome.  



I ended up placing the felts back under the black keys since this is how they were originally done, although I agree probably makes more sense on the non-moveable keybed. 

I am so glad I did this keyboard work, plays like a dream, smooth.

Jim- all is well.  Smile Someday I'd like to come out your way again.  I have a couple "projects" that you could really make great, like you did before. As soon as I get the time I'll get in touch and maybe take another road trip your way.  Great to hear from you.

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