Electric accordion tuning table (from Dirk's Project)
Hi guys,

I always want to build my own tuning station and just found these two videos:

The product page: https://www.dirksprojects.nl/index.php?L...hp&Flag=us

The Dirk's Project makes tuning software and the new electric tuning table seems to be promising. Does anyone know how it works? So keen to know your thoughts. Smile
Looks interesting for people who want everything ready-made.
The videos suggest doing measurements on reed blocks which of course is a very bad idea.
They fortunately also show how to measure with a half accordion, but with two important errors: the (large circular) hole is still so small that the airflow is not a good representation of what happens with the complete instrument. My tuning table has a hole roughly the size of a normal 37/96 accordion (also suitable for a 41/120 and larger) and that allows you to use a half accordion without also putting a bellows in between (to reduce turbulence caused by the hole that is too small). Second mistake is that they show using a half accordion without plugging the bellow pin holes. That too causes air turbulence that affects the tuning.
But it is certainly a very good start (albeit pricey) for someone who wants to become professional without first doing a lot of woodworking.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
I really want to buy one but don't have any budget now.

I really wonder how does it make it to pump/vacuum the air flow needed with such a thin body shape. Usually you need an air compressor to do the job but that also makes a loud sound.

I saw another setup before which is also promising. It seems to use an air compressor, but not sure how the maker make it be able to switch between the pump and vacuum:

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