WANTED - Silvio Marotta
My father grew up playing a Silvio Marotta Concerto accordion. It has been over 40 years since then and I have been trying to find one to bring Christmas alive this year. I noticed a lot of previous online postings/sales, but none within the last few months. I am losing hope!!! I am interested in a Silvio Marotta brand, 120 bass, 4+ treble key, 3 or 4 reed. I’ve only played brass instruments so I am a novice in this field. A local shop is willing to do any repairs for me, but it would need to be in decent condition. I am from the states, but am willing to pay the shipping.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and dedication to these instruments. I have attached a photo I found online of the item in question.

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You can try marktplaats.nl Ive often seen marottas there

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