individual reed plates thickness compensation
I don't know where to put this, because it's a device designed for harmonica reedblocks, and not intended for accordion reedblocks.
But I find this an interesting experiment for harmonica players, and maybe some of you have or play harmonicas:

<URL url=""></URL>
Harmonica with individual reed plates thickness compensation for each reed

I like those little experiments and innovations in free reed music instruments.
If I may add another YT video about individual reed plates in a harmonica:
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PSARDO SPECIAL 16 INDIVIDUAL 2 REED PLATELETS David Kettlewell chromatic harmonica

What I find interesting is the fact that the reeds are screwed on the reed plates, an amateur repairer can replace the reed plates faster this way, without the messy wax.
And another reason is explained in the video.

One could use these ideas for accordion reedplates and reedblocks, etc.

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