C or B system bandoneon
Anyone got one of these they're not using?
The only B system bandoneon I know are made by Harry Geun. The less expensive models (accordion reeds) are no longer being made.

<URL url="http://bandoneon-maker.com/c-system-bandonion-basic-model/"><LINK_TEXT text="http://bandoneon-maker.com/c-system-ban ... sic-model/">http://bandoneon-maker.com/c-system-bandonion-basic-model/</LINK_TEXT></URL>

I have not seen one of these for sale in a long time. They used to show up on ebay.

Do you mean something else?
Somerville, MA
I was hoping to find a cheaper Geun's model but I'm opening to anything really.
The model shown in that linked picture is already a "cheap" student model (with only a small bellows). A good C or B griff bandoneon costs as much as a good "normal" (non-chromatic) bandoneon. Good ones do not come cheap.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
That's the model I was hoping to find. My post was a little unclear

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