5 or 7 couplers for my bass
Hi to everyone. This is my request:

I want to add more registers to my Hohner Concerto III. It just have Máster (5 reed) and tenor (2 reed, second and third)
I think it has the space to add more registers. I have studied some other accordions that have 5 registers and im sure that i can modify my accordion. I also got a reed block from a Hohner Tango VM with bigger bass reeds and double registers slides (The original C3 bass block only silence the big reed, and the second is always open)

If anyone has a non-functional bass end with 5 or 7 registers i would buy it. Just need softer registers (alto, or soprano) for quiet songs, and also, to practice in the night.

Thanks for reading. I Wish you all a good day!
I'm Sebastian and i Play on a Hohner Concerto III called Modesto.

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