Live video recording-multi monitors
I purchased a Go Pro Hero 7 camera which I am going to mount permanently focusing on my stage performance. Reason with Go Pro, it has its own WiFi network which I can control with a separate mini iPad. I can also download the file to cloud. Purchased the audio adapter and will be using my Shure sm58 as mic.

It has a mini HDMI which I have 3 TVs I would like to connect for monitor to other areas of the restaurant. 2 of them on each side of the stage, 12 feet away and 1 of them in other room, 25/30 feet away. In your opinion, what would be the best way to connect. I understand hdmi is best under 25 feet. Should I convert to RCA at some point?
FYI : I may be adding an extra set of speakers for other room TV, so thinking of some kind of small power set. Something later to add?
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Live video recording-multi monitors - by Keymn - 17-08-2019, 02:48 PM

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